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The modern world is filled with all sorts of technological miracles and other convenient things that we can barely imagine our lives with. One of such comfortable means is your car, and we are more than sure that most of our visitors won’t even try to deny it. Now, imagine that your truck breaks down, and you have not a clue what is wrong with it. The first thing that you do is take your car to the service. When you learn about the part that is broken or needs replacement, you are bound to come up with a fitting replacement. However, if you are just a beginning driver – you are most certainly to be at a complete loss as to which brand, model, type to choose.

John PetersonThat is where John Peterson comes in. To put it simply – he is a senior supply manager, blog writer at jeepzine.com as well as a co-founder of Peterson Auto Care Center. His brother Tim and him are both passionate about cars and what makes them tick. However, while older brother enjoys the reparation process, the junior loves the thrill of challenging research. Judging by the fact that there are many brands and car parts providers on the market, John evaluates them all and chooses the best ones for each particular vehicle that his brother repairs.

There is a reason why some businesses fail after a few months on the market, while others thrive for years. The Petersons belong to the latter category, and we described it in a nutshell as to why. When you need the best item to replace the broken part in your car – you need John, when you need seamless installation and repair – that would be Tim Peterson!

Tim PetersonNow, Peterson Auto and Truck has been in business for the past 30 years, servicing all of the Tampa Bay Area. They currently have 3 locations to choose from! Peterson Auto and Truck specializes in all major and small auto repair ranging from your personal vehicles to gas and diesel fleet! Please take the time to see what the current customers have to say about the service!

There’s no job too big or too small! Peterson Auto & Truck Services of Clearwater and St. Petersburg is qualified to handle it all! Peterson’s also offers great ways for customers to save on their repairs and preventative maintenance. They have the best Oil Change Packages in town, Awesome same as cash financing plus the V.I.P Car Care Club membership is one of many ways for you to save some cash on those needed repairs! Peterson Auto and truck strives for the highest customer service satisfaction, and their main goal is to keep you knowledgeable of your vehicle, in turn allowing you to keep yourself and your family safe on the road.

All members of the Peterson Crew have been hand-picked for their great expertise in their areas. Service Managers, Chris, Vince, and Sunny, have all been in the industry at least a decade. Both Petersons take the cake here as they have been in the automotive field for over 30 years!

All of Peterson’s technicians are certified and come with decades of experience and extensive training. Educational Growth is a big part of the automotive industry. Therefore, Peterson Auto and Truck Technicians are always attending the latest classes and seminars for all types of makes and models!