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There are many things that can go wrong with your car or truck, and having the right auto repair facility serving Madeira Beach can make all the difference in the world. When it comes to your car’s brakes, the right facility will help to ensure that you are safe when out on Florida’s roads.

There are many sounds and sensations that you may experience that could indicate a problem with your brakes. One of the most significant sounds that you may hear when you apply the brakes in your car is a grinding noise. If you hear any type of grinding sound from your car when coming to a stop, it is absolutely critical that you bring it to a qualified and certified auto repair facility as soon as possible. Failing to do so will put not only yourself but others on the road at risk.

This cannot be overstated. Grinding noises that come from your vehicle when you apply the brakes is most likely indicating a very serious problem with your brakes. It could also be an indicator that your brakes are about to completely fail. Imagine driving down a Madeira Beach road and then realizing that you cannot come to a stop.

The Common Sounds of Brakes

If your car’s brakes are working properly, then you won’t hear any sounds whatsoever when applying them. However, the older your car is, the more sounds you are going to hear coming from it. There are several common sounds that your car may make when braking, depending on the condition of the brakes and the rest of the vehicle.

You may hear a squeaking sound from your brakes. If this is a mid-range squeak, rather than a high pitched squeal, and it chirps rather than holds steady, it is more likely related to the springs in your suspension system. As you apply the brakes, your car will lean forward due to momentum. This places more pressure on the front struts and if you have any issues with this struts or springs, it could cause a squeaking sound. It might be similar to a squeak in an old mattress.

The high-pitched squeal that we mentioned in the previous paragraph would most likely indicate that your brake pads are wearing down. In most brake pads today, there is a tiny rod that is placed toward the end of the brake pad. When the brake pads are worn down enough, it exposes this rod. The rod then rubs against the metal rotor and causes this high-pitched squeal. When you hear a high-pitched squeal when you apply your brakes, you need the brake pads replaced.

Ultimately, a grinding noise that comes from your car when you apply the brakes usually means that you have missed or ignored other warning signs that the pads were wearing out and they are now completely gone. The metal component of a brake pad will then be pressing against the metal rotor causing this grinding noise. If you hear this sound, you absolutely need to get your car to an auto repair facility to have the brakes checked and repaired.

What Grinding Can Mean

As noted, the grinding sound you hear is most likely metal rubbing against metal. Any time that you press on the brake pedal, the cylinder is compressing the brake pads through calipers onto the rotors. The rotors are turning with the wheel. The rotors glide between the brake pads.

When the brake pads are worn completely down, the metal part of the pad then begins to press against the rotor, causing grinding. At first this grinding will be more likely a higher pitch as there will continue to be a little bit of pad left when the metal begins rubbing against the rotor.

When the grinding becomes a loud roaring growl, the metal is completely exposed on the pad and rubbing against the rotor. Ignoring this will usually lead to your car taking longer to stop and, if you continue to ignore the problem, it will reach a point where the brakes are completely ineffective and this can lead to a serious accident.

Anti-Lock Brakes and the Danger Posed

If you know that your brake pads are worn down and you hear that familiar grinding noise that we just talked about, and you have anti-lock brakes, it can pose and even more serious problem. Anti-lock brakes function by releasing the pressure on wheels at different times. If the brake completely grabs the wheel and stops it from turning, which can happen when you have metal grinding on metal, it will cause the anti-lock brake system to engage.

When the antilock braking system engages when the car is not actually sliding, it can cause you to lose control of the vehicle. It will also cause it to take longer to come to a full and complete stop.

How Much Should You Pay for New Brakes?

One of the most common questions people have with regard to their car’s brakes has to do with expense. It is not possible to offer an accurate estimate for the cost of replacing brakes on any given car. There are number of factors that will determine the ultimate cost of new brakes.

If you will just have to replace the brake pads on disc brakes, the expense will be less than having to replace the pads and the rotors. Drum brakes require a different level of work as well and will affect the price.

If the brake calipers are seized or have other issues, this will increase the cost to repair your brakes. If you want an accurate estimate about how much it will cost to repair your car is brakes, bring your vehicle to Peterson Auto and Truck today and they will give you a fair estimate with exceptional service. This will keep you safe while out on Madeira Beach’s roads.