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It’s no fun when you live in Tampa and your car’s air conditioning system fails. It can make driving around Tampa’s streets a nightmare, especially on those notorious hot summer days.

There could be several warnings that your AC unit is beginning to have some trouble. The more attuned that you are to your car and its internal workings, the more you’ll be able to stay on top of things before they become a major problem.

There are a few things to look for with regard to your car’s air conditioning system that could give you a fair indication that things are beginning to not look so good (and that could leave you having to ‘sweat it out’ before long as a result. Any time that you feel like your car’s AC unit could be having trouble, be sure to stop by a certified auto repair center to have it checked out. It might only need to be recharged, but it could require a new compressor unit, belt, or even a blower.

Some of these potential ways to determine that your AC system might be failing could be due to extreme heat as well. When you aren’t sure, it’s best to have it checked out as soon as possible (unless you enjoy calling on friends to give you a ride when the temperature approaches 100-degrees outside).

Air doesn’t feel as cool.

When you turn the air conditioning on in your car, does it feel cold? Depending on whether your car is sitting out in the baking hot sun all day or in the comfort of a garage, it could take longer to feel the cold air pumping out.

If your car was sitting out in the sun all day and you first get in and turn the AC on, you’re not likely to feel much comfort. Depending on the type of car or truck you have, it could take several minutes to begin cooling off.

However, if you are used to how your air conditioning system works, you should be able to gauge how long it takes to begin cooling off your car. So if you realize that it’s starting to take longer, this could be a sign that it needs some maintenance work.

At first, you probably won’t notice the subtle changes, but in time you will.

AC is affecting the engine’s performance.

If you notice that your engine isn’t running properly, for example it experiences rough idling whenever you have the AC on, it could be a problem stemming from the air conditioning itself.

The air conditioner will draw some power from the engine to operate. Any trouble with your engine’s performance will more likely be related to an electrical issue with the AC or the engine itself. Any trouble that you’re having with regard to operating the air conditioner should guide you to your trusted and reliable auto repair technician.

The blower unit doesn’t work or change speeds.

While the blower unit is responsible for pushing the heated (in the winter) or cool (the rest of the year for Florida) through your car, it can also suffer mechanical or electrical failure. If you realize one day that you get in the car and, even though you can feel cool air coming through the vents, you can’t seem to get it out faster, then the blower motor could have a problem.

If you turn the fan on and nothing happens, it could be a completely failed blower motor or an electrical problem. It might be a fix as simple as replacing the fuse or something more complicated.

Replacing the blower motor on some vehicles can be an extremely difficult job, requiring the auto repair technician to take apart significant portions of the dashboard. Other cars are much easier to work like this on.

If you turn the fan on, feel air moving through, but only at one speed, then this could be the relay switch that has failed. It’s not going to be the fuse or the air conditioning compressor, which should give you some relief. It still could be the blower that is causing the problem, but since it is operating to some degree, it is probably something else.

No matter what issue you’re having with your air conditioning unit in your car or truck, the sooner you get it fixed, the better it will be for you on the hot Tampa days and nights.

When you want fast, reliable, and honest work done on your car, regardless of whether the air conditioning is not working properly or there is another issue with the vehicle, contact Peterson Auto and Truck today. We have experienced technicians who know full well the importance of having a working air conditioning system when you’re trying to drive around the Greater Tampa Area.